All quality eyewear begins with an eye examination.

It is necessary to have an annual comprehensive eye exam, regardless of your age or physical health.

Eye Exam

Our team of Premier Optical Optometrists offer a thorough eye exam service that is customized to the unique needs of each patient. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to help with a comprehensive eye test and evaluation of your eyes' general health.

Why Are Eye Examinations Important?

The eye exam helps detect eye problems at their earliest stage when they are most treatable. An important part of preventative health care is regular eye tests. There are no obvious signs or symptoms of many eye and vision problems. As a result, the problems that occur are often not known to individuals. In many cases, an eye examination allows for the diagnosis and detection of health and vision-threatening conditions such as tumors, vascular irregularities, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems is important to maintain good vision and eye health and avoid vision loss if possible.


Children's Eye Exam

An eye exam for children is an expert assessment of the eye health of your child.

Why Are Eye Exams Important for Children?

Excellent sight and eye health are critical to a child’s development. Children's eye exams are very important to ensure that the eyes of your child are healthy and have no vision problems that may interfere with school performance and could potentially affect your child's safety. As a child grows, the muscles of his or her eyes usually strengthen, the nerve connections expand, and the eyes of your child grow stronger and work together more effectively.

Early eye exams are important because the following visual skills are required for optimal learning for your children:

  • - Precise and comfortable skills in eye teaming
  • - Accurate expertise in eye movement
  • - Precise and relaxed ability to focus
  • - Excellent visual acuity at all distances

At Premier Optical, we offer eye exams tailored to the visual needs of your child. When scheduling an eye exam for your child it is advisable to choose a time of the day when he or she is usually alert and happy.


Senior Eye Exams

As we age, eye exams become even more critical. In fact, if you are over 60 years old it is advisable to have an eye exam every year. Such routine tests are even more important to have if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of eye disease. Vision problems may develop to an advanced stage without any physical symptoms. The best chance to protect your vision is to detect issues early through regular eye examinations.

Between examinations, if you notice a change in your vision, or your eye is injured in any way, contact your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Did you know?

During your eye exam, your Optometrist has an unobstructed view of blood vessels. Abnormalities spotted in the eye may signal the same abnormalities in other parts of the body. During a comprehensive eye exam, most conditions can be detected; examples include diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers.