Daily Disposable Lenses

These single-use disposable contact lenses are the most convenient lens choice, to be removed and discarded at the end of each day. Daily disposable contact lenses are convenient as they do not require lens cleaning, but most importantly they are healthy because there are no deposit build-ups and no risk of overnight wear. They are an ideal option for sports use and active lifestyle and are available in sphere, astigmatism, and multifocal powers.

Bi-Weekly Disposable Lenses

These are contact lenses that are replaced every other week. Bi-weekly disposable contact lenses offer a balance between frequent replacement and comfort. They bridge the benefits of daily disposable and monthly contact lenses. They need to be removed every night and cleaned daily with the recommended contact lens solution. Bi-weekly lenses are available in sphere, astigmatism, multifocal powers and colours as well.

Monthly Disposable Lenses

Monthly contacts are simply reusable contacts that can be worn for 30 days. These lenses are a cost-effective and convenient lens option, due to their monthly wear.

They require daily cleaning with contact lens solution and are removed at the end of each day. Monthly contact lenses are unique because of how long they can be worn before disposing. For this reason, It is important to note that more care and upkeep are required. Monthly lenses are available in a wide range of prescriptions and even in colours.