We offer Lifetime free Adjustments and minor repairs on all Sunglasses and Eyeglasses purchased from Premier Optical.


A person does not need an appointment, as there is someone available during business hours to assist at all times. Wearing sunglasses daily can create a need for adjustments from time to time, as well as repairs. It could be something as simple as accidentally sitting on a pair of sunglasses, or dropping them at the worst time. Properly fitted sunglasses are going to provide the most protection possible, and also feel comfortable on the face.

This will encourage people to wear sunglasses often, which is always encouraging for overall eye health. Attempting to fix sunglasses without knowledge can put them at risk of breaking. Even the most durable sunglasses out there can only take so much stress when pulling or pushing certain areas. Our staff has the tools necessary to make quick, safe repairs that reduce the chances of any additional issues popping up.