Repairs & Adjustments

Our goal at Premier Optical is to enhance every customer’s vision and comfort from the very first day they step outside. To do that, we aim to provide an exceptional, personalized experience for every single customer.

As an added benefit to our customers, we offer a number of complimentary services to ensure that the eyewear is comfortable and that each customer’s vision is great. People can take advantage of these services at any time during normal business hours. In most cases, no appointment is necessary.

Free Repairs, Adjustments, and Cleaning on all Eyewear 

Do not hesitate to come in with an old or new frame, whether or not it has been purchased from us. Our expert knowledge on how to handle different types of eyewear properly allows us to make significant adjustments. What may originally seem like an impossible fix is sometimes treatable with the right tools.


On-Site Lab For Additional Repairs

Having a lab on the premises has its advantages. A customer might need repairs done that are only possible with the assistance of a full lab. Instead of having to wait a few business days or even weeks, many fixes are within the hour.

Fixes handled at the on-site lab include:

Anything that goes beyond some simple tweaks is still handled by us at our on-site lab. Additional tools are available to make bigger fixes and changes to existing pairs of eyewear.

What causes the need for significant repair or even refurbishing? One example is if a customer sat on their glasses. They might think that they are out of luck automatically. Just come in and see us. We are here to take care of any and all needs without an additional cost.

A huge key to eyewear fitting properly is to have nose pads working the way they should. Even a little bit of slippage is going to be an inconvenience during the day. As soon as eyewear becomes uncomfortable to wear on a consistent basis, a person is less likely to want to wear them if they can get away with it. For others, it could cause headaches or pain as they get through the day.

Nose pads are not meant to last forever. Sometimes they need repairing, while full replacement might be the way to go as well. Our lab can handle any of these issues, carrying nose pad replacements that can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Before heading out the door, we try to make sure that every customer has the perfect fit with each new pair of glasses. As time goes on, eyewear can become fairly dirty, and alignment can become a little bit off. This is not so much about an uncomfortable fit, as much as it is about lining up the eyes with the lenses.

If a person is worried about how the glasses are sitting on their face, free alignment is available. We also thoroughly clean all eyewear during a visit to our store, which can be extremely beneficial for those who might not keep up with that consistently. Not only does it clear off the lenses, but we also clean the frames and get all potential corners that could be holding dirt, bacteria, and more. This helps extend the life of each pair of glasses.

Why We Care

An essential aspect of seeing well is feeling comfortable at all times with eyewear. At Premier Optical, we provide ongoing care to ensure every customer has glasses that continue to fit perfectly and perform excellently. If for any reason, glasses need a tune-up, we encourage all customers to stop by. We would be delighted to provide our services, free of charge.

We believe that every customer of ours deserves our full care. Even if a person purchased some pairs at another location, we will be more than happy to provide our free services so that the glasses fit as great as possible.