Optometrist Near Me: Find Eye Doctors or Shop for Eyewear

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Optometrist Near Me: Find Eye Doctors or Shop for Eyewear

It goes without saying that one of the must-haves for the summer is protective eyewear – most popularly sunglasses. Whether young or old, sunglasses have a way of accentuating your fashion sense even if you feel like you are melting away. However, sunglasses and protective eyewear, in general, are more than fashion accessories.

They also serve the critical purpose of protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your eyesight. Regardless of whether you have prescription glasses or not, young or old, it is vital to ensure that you and your family are protecting your eyesight during the summer by having the right eyewear. Take a look below at more reasons why you should grab yourself the right pair of sunglasses from an optical store in Kitchener Waterloo this summer.


Protect your Cornea and Retina

The Cornea and the Retina are sensitive parts of your eye that work hand in hand to enable vision. The Retina is the part of the eye that takes the images that you see and sends them to the brain for interpretation while the Cornea is the thin clear membrane outside the eye that filters any irritants that can distort or weaken your vision. Unfortunately, these sensitive parts of your eyes are not immune to the power of the harsh summer rays. The Cornea is susceptible to sunburn and as a result, weakens the defense for the retina while sun damage to your retina may result in macular degeneration that eventually results in vision loss. This is to say, finding the right pair of protective eyewear for you and your family is a proactive move towards protecting your eyes and preventing severe eye conditions.


Formation of Cataracts

Cataracts are often associated with genetics. However, UV rays from the sun are a key contributor and accelerator to the formation of Cataracts. And even though Cataracts are treatable through surgery, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and expenses by acquiring protective eyewear from an optical store in Kitchener Waterloo and reduce the risk of cataracts.


Find Protective Eyewear in KW this summer

There is a wide variety of protective eyewear designed to meet different needs and requirements. Therefore, start by looking for an “optometrist near me” to get a thorough eye exam that will guide you on which eyewear best works for you. Your optometrist will also recommend specific eyewear if you intend to engage in particular activities such as hiking, swimming, and the like.

Looking for an “optometrist near me?” At Premier Optical, our specialists will help you and your family get the right eye protection that best suits your needs and lifestyle so you can create lasting memories this summer without any worry of damaging your eyesight. Contact us today to book an appointment or talk to us about your unique needs.