Optician in Waterloo- Buy Prescription Eye Glasses

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Optician in Waterloo- Buy Prescription Eye Glasses

Did you know that most people change their eyeglasses approximately every 2 years? Well, whether it is your first pair or you are looking to replace an old pair, the process always seems too involving. However, it doesn’t need to be. If anything, it should be a fun time, time to elevate your look and more importantly improve your vision. That said, there are still several factors to put into consideration.

Once you receive your ocular health evaluation, that does not mark the end of the exam. While some commercial and online retailers might have you believe that all you need is a prescription from your doctor, that’s absolutely wrong. To buy prescription glasses, we strongly recommend that you do a proper eyeglass fitting with a licensed optician in Waterloo to guarantee clear and comfortable vision, without distortion or headaches.

Your optician in Waterloo, a formally college educated in Optical Sciences and Ophthalmic, will use their expertise and your individual prescription to provide eyeglass frames and lenses following the medical fitting with your optometrist. Your optician in Waterloo will have undergone thorough training and is an expert in this field including optics and design to perfect fittings.

You do not want to have to deal with eyeglasses that are either too tight that they pinch and cause headaches or too loose that they annoy you by having to constantly adjust them or risk them dropping and breaking. During the fitting, your optician in Waterloo will take the time to make accurate measurements and ensure that the lenses are properly placed to avoid visual distortion. There is also the big issue of aesthetics – you deserve to look good in your eyeglasses and your optician will help you get the perfect frames for the shape of your face and also for your lifestyle.


Prescription Eye Glasses that Flatter Your Face

At Premier Optical, regarded by many as the best optician in Waterloo, we pay equal attention to style, vision, and comfort with each individual fitting. Our friendly and resourceful opticians are here to provide you with honest and professional care without sticking to a style guide. We see you as an individual and not just another face on a chart. With an extensive line of eyeglasses including designer options to choose from, there are no limits to all the different designs and shapes we will employ to provide you with frames that flatter your face best. You are unique and your eyeglasses should reflect this. If you are looking for a new pair of glasses or need your old pair adjusted, don’t hesitate to contact what many have called the best optician in Waterloo – Premier Optical. We are delighted to help you see, look and feel better. Click here to contact us or call directly.