Eye Care Centre in Waterloo – Quality & Service

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Eye Care Centre in Waterloo – Quality & Service

Eyecare is one of the sensitive issues that must be addressed and never ignored. Delays in addressing any eye issue could leave you struggling with blurred vision, to see short or long distances, or eventually lose sight. That is why we provide our expert eye care services conveniently at an eye care centre here in Waterloo.

We aim at providing the best, high-quality eye care to all our customers. We also provide a fashionable eyewear boutique and with full-service eye exams to give you an end-to-end experience. Our Optometrists are dedicated to providing quality eye care services in the close proximity of two prominent Universities, Wilfred Laurie and Waterloo.

Premier Optical also aims at providing elegant and durable eyewear to our customers while giving them a memorable shopping experience.

Our Services

Our eye care centre here in Waterloo provides a wide range of services to our customers. These top-quality services include:

  • Eye Examinations
    We will conduct multiple tests on your eyes to check for any possible problems. Our team of experts are well trained and will always identify any and all issues regardless of how minor it may seem.
  • One Hour Lab Services
    Our laboratory facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you receive the most efficient and highest quality lens for your eyes. Our quality control measures make sure that the eyeglasses we offer exceed the industry standards.
  • Repairs and Adjustments
    We also offer eyewear repairs and adjustments. At Premier Optical, we endeavor to enhance your comfort and vision at all times. That is why we offer repair services to make sure you receive a personalized and exceptional experience with your glasses all free of charge.


Our Products

We offer a wide array of fashionable, durable, and affordable products from top-rated brands. These products include sunglasses, safety glasses, sports safety eyeglasses, lenses, and contact lenses. All these products are of high quality and will give you the performance you expect.


Take Away

Visit our eye care centre in Waterloo today and expect to receive great service, exceptional quality, and affordable prices. We guarantee you won’t hesitate to share the positive experience with your friends and family.